Sunday, December 16, 2012

Welcome to my first blog EVER. I'm actually very excited about this, and i'm gonna give you some background on why I wanted to start a blog. Ever since i was little I've been a good writer. My writing has never been perfect, its had various mis spellings, grammar mistakes, etc. But I've always known how to make a story that catches attention, that has meaning, that has life. So once i realized being a nurse wasn't what i wanted to do, and science just wasn't my favorite subject, I decided to take on English. So now, i'm gonna start my career by posting a blog. So, the first subject I wanna talk about is of course, men. Me being nineteen going on twenty, have had my fair share of men who were an ABSOLUTE waste of time. But theres one thing I will never understand, why do men waste there time on women they know aren't a huge concern to them. Why waste time, waste a page of your life, waste a page of their lives. Why waste time writing a meaningless page, when you could be writing something great, something that leads up to the very end of the book. Time is short, why waste it? Some of the never ending questions of my life. why waste my time? Why waste a page of my life? What is the point in putting in effort on something meaningless? Well I, Rebecca Leigh Dyda, refuse. From now on my writing, music and art will be one of my only efforts of the next pages of my life.